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CRET Associate Member Program (CAMP)

CRET Programs and Services for Industry

CRET offers programs that give dental companies access to students, residents, and faculty of dental schools, and provides mechanisms for unbiased product testing and evaluation.

Biodontics® Educational Program

The Biodontics® educational program provides a unique opportunity for companies to present products to dental students, residents, and faculty in a focused, structured setting. The program is currently presented at UCONN Dental School. Plans to present the program to students from other US Dental Schools are in progress.

Den-Test Product Testing and Evaluation Program

CRET’s Den-Test division ( provides a university-based, objective testing and evaluation program for dental manufacturers, distributors, and laboratories, performed at state-of-the-art facilities by experts to ensure the highest standards of evaluation. Because Den-Test studies are university-based, results are more credible with practicing dentists. Strict measures of confidentiality are guaranteed.

CAMP: CRET Associate Member Program

CRET’s Associate Member Program (CAMP) allows companies to access multiple CRET programs over time cost effectively through a three-year membership arrangement. Download a PDF brochure on CAMP.

Opportunities include:

  • Educational sessions or seminars to showcase products, services, or technologies
  • Confidential testing and evaluation of products and equipment through Den-Test
  • Custom-designed educational seminars for the company’s personnel

CRET programs and services provide new ways for companies to access dental school students, residents, faculty, and facilities. These vehicles allow even small companies with limited resources to obtain the resources that can assure the success of their product development and marketing activities.

Contact Information

Please contact us if you would like more information about CRET’s programs. Confidentiality is assured.

Dr. Edward Rossomando, DDS, PhD
Professor and Director

Telephone: (860) 679-2622

Ms. Linda Wencil CAMP and Den-Test Programs Manager
Telephone: (860) 679-3491