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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Column

Dr. Edward Rossomando's "Innovations" column from Compendium are available here on line in PDF format.

These articles are copyright ©2003-2007 Medical World Communications, and are made available here with permission.

Biodontics & Industry

Viewpoint: The delivery of oral health care in America: the economic impact of chain-store dentistry on private practice. by Edward F. Rossomando, DDS, PhD; Mathew Moura, BA, from Dental Economics, April, 2007. Reprinted with permission.

From the Ivory Tower: Nationwide Biodontics Seminars, by Edward F. Rossomando, DDS, PhD, MS, and Mathew Moura. PROOFS, September, 2007.


CRET Newsletters

The Center for Research and Education in Technology Evaluation

The newsletters from CRET are available here in PDF format.

ABS Newsletters

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