The American Biodontics® Society is a worldwide fusion of all segments of the dental profession, including dental students, postgraduate students, general practitioners, faculty members, research scientists, members of dental manufacturing companies, and entrepreneurs, which promote the creation of a new generation of oral health professionals through the training of dentists, educators and research scientists in:

  • The use of biotechnology in a dental clinical environment
  • The management, entrepreneurship and knowledge of the technology transfer process
  • Clinical applications of Dental Research and Informatics

The American Biodontics® Society is pleased to support the eJournal, Dental Hypotheses, Official Publication of the American Biodontics Society.

Mission of the American Biodontics® Society

To become the most valued organization in Biodontics®, by creating an environment that facilitates fellowship, the exchange of knowledge, ideas and professional growth, fostering excellence in the discipline, through cooperation and participation of its members.

Goals of the American Biodontics® Society

  • To increase the recognition, stature and influence of Biodontics® within the oral health profession
  • To attract, recruit and retain members who will enhance the mission of the organization
  • To provide for educational enrichment of those with a recognized commitment and dedication to the field of Biodontics®
  • To represent the discipline of Biodontics® at all levels of the dental profession
  • To increase opportunities for members to personally interact, promoting camaraderie among its members
  • To be responsive to the needs of all professionals involved in the science of Biodontics®
  • To be a respected member of the dental community

Application for Membership (Aplicación para Afiliación)

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